I previously blogged about Minnesota workplace leave laws covering family and children issues, and wanted to follow-up with a grab bag of some unique leave laws covering specific medical conditions, the military, and voting.

As a reminder, it is important to first determine which leave laws apply to your workplace. In order to do that,

The Minnesota legislature has provided certain retiree health insurance benefits to public employees through state statute. For example, former public employees and their dependents must be allowed to continue to participate indefinitely in the employer-sponsored insurance group that the employee participated in immediately before retirement. Additionally, until the former public employee reaches age 65, they

You smell alcohol on an employee’s breath after lunch. What should you do? One of your staff is acting weird, and you suspect they may be smoking marijuana. An employee has a motor vehicle accident with a company car, and you suspect they were under the influence when they crashed. What’s an employer to do?

After a week of protests in Madison, Wisconsin, the labor dispute appears to be feverishly ratcheting up and the parties are becoming more entrenched in their positions. Two days ago, a reporter made a prank phone call to Governor Walker, impersonating a multi-millionaire political backer. The Governor was duped, and the unflattering recording of the