Photo by Evan Amos.By: Evan Amos                       Employers have probably heard every goofy excuse for being sick or unable to come into work. My favorite was used by a friend of mine years ago, who at the time lived in downtown Chicago. She called her manager and explained she couldn’t make it in to work because

Last week, I looked out my office window and noticed all kinds of icicles hanging off the roof. One was particularly large, and grew even larger this week with the melting and re-freezing common in Minnesota in February. I nicknamed it, “The icicle of death.” I decided it probably wasn’t a good thing to have

September 27, 2012 Accent Signage terminated problem employee Andrew Engeldinger. He then went out to his car where he retrieved a gun, and proceeded to shoot and kill six 6 people at his workplace, and seriously wound another.

The family of slain Accent Signage employee Jacob Beneke filed suit in Hennepin County District Court on

We frequently assist employers with employee performance issues including attendance problems, poor attitudes, unprofessional attire, and acts of misconduct. Dealing with employee performance issues can be very difficult for employers. Some of our clients are conflict averse and would much rather ignore the problem, hoping it improves on its own. Some are frustrated and don’t

The secret is out on the Secret Service. The sex scandal involving 11 Secret Service agents, 2 of which are supervisors, and 10 military personnel surfaced when a dispute over payment of a Columbian prostitute resulted in a call to Cartagena police, who then contacted the U.S. Embassy, and the story went viral from there.