Almost everyone has one these days; in fact some people have more than one. What you ask, an e-mail address, of course. Most businesses/employers provide employees with a work e-mail address as a matter of convenience to assist with getting work done. Maybe it is obvious to some employees who the owner of the business

This week the NLRB released two Advice Memos on “at-will” employment clauses contained in two different employee handbooks. In both cases the “at-will” language was ruled to be lawful, finding the employer did not violate the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). The issue decided was whether the employee handbook language defining “at-will” employment was so

The allure of social media is so intoxicating. It leads you into a vortex of lost time and opportunity, which can’t be replaced or restored. I was having lunch recently with a friend at a chain restaurant, and watched the social media vortex in action over the shoulder of my friend. A father of ten

There is no one-size fits all dress code for a workplace. What is appropriate attire for employees in a workplace varies drastically according to the work being performed, the physical requirements of the job, and exposure to the elements. It is important however for employees to always dress appropriately for the position they are in.

I previously blogged about Minnesota workplace leave laws covering family and children issues, and wanted to follow-up with a grab bag of some unique leave laws covering specific medical conditions, the military, and voting.

As a reminder, it is important to first determine which leave laws apply to your workplace. In order to do that,