At-will employment is believed by many employers to allow them the ability to terminate an employee for any reason or no-reason at all, except for a discriminatory reason. We advise our clients to make “at-will” employment status very clear in job offers and in employee handbooks. This prevents an “at-will” employee from believing a contract

Mr. Stagg worked for Vintage Place Inc. for approximately 14 months, during which time he struggled with tardiness and absenteeism. Vintage Place Inc. employee handbook contained a progressive-discipline policy, which provided that Vintage’s employee[s] may be disciplined according to a five-step schedule. The schedule permitted an oral warning for the first unexcused absence, a written

Many employers mistakenly think if they don’t have a written contract with employees or their employees don’t have a union, then the employees are “at-will.” “At-will” employment may be terminated by an employer or an employee at any time for basically any reason.  In Minnesota, employees are presumed to be employed “at-will.”

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