I am once again co-teaching the 2-day intensive Internal Affairs Investigation Seminar with Wayne Shellum through UMCPI. The course is designed to equip workplace investigators to conduct full, fair, neutral investigations. 

Workplace investigations are stressful, and fraught with changing situations. My teaching responsibility for the course covers the legal aspects of conducting a workplace investigation. My goal

Let’s face it, accidents happen. They happen at home and they happen at work. People make mistakes, get distracted or just don’t pay attention and accidents happen, it is human nature. Sometimes the accidents are small and harmless and other times they are serious and costly.

Last month, a twelve year old Florida girl was

My firm provides training to employers on various topics concerning labor and employment law. For example, we do training (pdf) on the United States Supreme Court case, Garrity v. New Jersey, (pdf) as well as, how to address and prevent employee fraud and theft in a workplace. We think training is very important. It