The USA Today Network conducted an investigation into how U.S. law enforcement officers with records of serious misconduct continue to work, some of whom have been hired as police chiefs and sheriffs thorough out the country. USA Today reporters spent a year analyzing disciplinary records from hundreds of law enforcement agencies and state licensing boards,

Line of people taking notesEarlier this year the Court of Appeals overturned the district court’s dismissal of a case regarding the negligent retention of an employee.  In Hartfiel v. Allison, unpublished Court File # A15-1149 (Minn. Ct. App. 2016) Mr. Hartfiel, the plaintiff, drove truck for T.J. Potter Trucking Inc. as an independent owner-operator.  Mr. Allison drove truck for

I had a call from a client last week asking about whether there was a good format to use for drafting a disciplinary letter to give to an employee.  I advised her there was and suggested the following format:

  • Start with an accurate statement of the facts including: what happened, when it happened, etc… Make

The secret is out on the Secret Service. The sex scandal involving 11 Secret Service agents, 2 of which are supervisors, and 10 military personnel surfaced when a dispute over payment of a Columbian prostitute resulted in a call to Cartagena police, who then contacted the U.S. Embassy, and the story went viral from there.

I must confess I told a little white lie to my 4-year old daughter about how the Easter Bunny was able to leave the eggs so high up on a shelf. I told her, bunnies can hop really, really high and that is how he was able to get it on the high shelf. She

Native Minnesotans are all too familiar with the ravages that temperature and moisture can play on asphalt roads. We even grade our potholes from mere fissures all the way up to an abyss which is capable of devouring a small vehicle and its driver. As the driver of a small car, I am constantly alert