The State of Minnesota recognizes that vital services are provided to the public by specific governmental employee groups, and therefore prohibits them from going out on strike.  These employees are considered “essential” and include firefighters, peace officers, public safety dispatchers, correctional facilities guards, confidential, and supervisory employees.  Instead of the right to strike, essential employees

The New Year is upon us which means many public sector collective bargaining agreements have expired.  Perhaps your City or County was fortunate enough to start negotiations prior to the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement, and maybe even reached a settlement.  If not, here are a few tips to help you begin to prepare

Only three months are left in 2013, and now, is the time for employers who have collective bargaining agreements expiring December 31, to start negotiations for new labor contracts.

There are many different styles of negotiators. Knowing your own negotiation style and the style of the negotiator across the table can help create more productive

The hint of fall is in the air and many public employers are getting started with union negotiations over collective bargaining agreements set to expire at the end of the year. The goal of each side is always to get the best agreement possible.

Here are some tips on what Employers can you do to

The unsettled labor dispute between American Crystal Sugar and about 1,300 workers is now ten months old. The parties reportedly continue to remain far apart, and can’t seem to reach an agreement on a new labor contract. During the last ten months, workers have been locked out, and in many cases collecting unemployment benefits. The

Factory workers were locked out Monday from entering seven American Crystal Sugar plants located in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Iowa, after rejecting a contract proposal offering a 17% wage increase over five years. The processing plants have brought in replacement workers, and the employees are flocking to file for unemployment benefits.

Rejecting a 17% wage

The Minnesota legislature has provided certain retiree health insurance benefits to public employees through state statute. For example, former public employees and their dependents must be allowed to continue to participate indefinitely in the employer-sponsored insurance group that the employee participated in immediately before retirement. Additionally, until the former public employee reaches age 65, they