The State of Minnesota recognizes that vital services are provided to the public by specific governmental employee groups, and therefore prohibits them from going out on strike.  These employees are considered “essential” and include firefighters, peace officers, public safety dispatchers, correctional facilities guards, confidential, and supervisory employees.  Instead of the right to strike, essential employees

"Past practice" has to be one of the most misused phrases in labor relations, seldom used correctly by labor or management. In the past three months, the Bureau of Mediation Services has published a trifecta of arbitration decisions which spell out how to effectively break a past practice, how to establish that one exists, and

Recently, Arbitrator James Scoville agreed a Minnesota employer was free to terminate a Veteran because of the Veteran’s departure from the Employer’s driving principles. Under Minnesota law, a public employer cannot terminate an honorably discharged Veteran without a Veteran’s Preference Hearing. (Minn. Stat. 197.46.) A Veteran’s Preference Hearing may occur before a Veteran’s Board