The Los Angeles City Council is currently considering an ordinance titled the “Fair Workweek” which would affect large employers in Los Angeles, including Target, Home Depot and Goodwill to name a few.  Under the Los Angeles ordinance, employers would have to give workers two weeks’ advance notice of their work schedule, and employees would have the right to request a schedule change or decline hours without retaliation.  Additionally, employers would have to allow employees a minimum of ten hours off between shifts.  The purpose of the proposed ordinance is to prevent employers from scheduling employees to work late/close on one day and return the following morning to open, a practice commonly referred to as “clopening”.

The proposed ordinance by the Los Angeles City Council is part of a national movement to require employers to establish stable hourly schedules for low wage workers.  Similar workweek ordinances have already been passed in New York, Philadelphia, Seattle and San Francisco.

The cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul have already adopted ordinances mandating paid sick and safe time for employers in their cities.  It is only a matter of time before this new fair workweek movement makes its way to Minnesota.  Employers should be aware of what is occurring in their cities, so they have an opportunity to be heard if needed.