Paperback-stack2016 is here, and so is the opportunity to gain new perspectives and tools to help transform workplaces, increase productivity, and better manage employees.  My current favorite read on this topic is Shawn Achor’s book, “The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology that Fuel Success and Performance at Work.” 

Achor’s book turns some old ideas upside down.  He suggests our culture falsely believes, “If you work hard, you will be successful, and once you are successful, then you’ll be happy.”  Achor proposes this is backwards thinking and broken.  Instead based on positive psychology, happiness is actually the precursor to success.   His book outlines seven principles he identifies including:

  1. the happiness advantage,
  2. the fulcrum and the lever,
  3. the tetris effect,
  4. falling up,
  5. the Zorro circle,
  6. the 20 second rule and
  7. social investment”    

I admit, I am only as far as the fifth principle – the Zorro circle.  This principle suggests how limiting your focus to small manageable goals can actually expand your sphere of power.  It is a very fast read, packed with research to support his principles, and I plan on implementing some of them in 2016.

For a quick recap from author and researcher Shawn Achor watch his TED talk.  He is engaging, funny, and outlines the premise of his book.  New ideas help fuel successful workplaces.  I advise clients to keep fresh ideas flowing, and I think Shawn Achor has some very good insight on human potential that can translate well into a transformed workplace.