Just when I thought I had seen everything, and I didn’t think there were any more new surprises with employees and technology, then BAMMMMM!! I am proven wrong. Employees are now scripting and filming themselves quitting jobs they apparently hate. The YouTube video “Joey Quits,” was recently featured on the Today Show. Joey had worked for several years at a hotel and apparently did not like his job very well. He wrote out his resignation and then got a group of friends with band instruments to go to the hotel to confront his boss. The band played a rousing march tune, while Joey literally threw the resignation notice at his boss. The boss stood there with a deer in the headlights look, as the band played, and Joey marched out of the hotel. 

The NBC reporter mentioned Joey already had a new job when he quit at the hotel, but no one mentioned the short-sightedness of his actions in the eyes of future employers. My grandmother warned me against burning your bridges behind you, but apparently Joey didn’t get the same sage advice. Social media should be viewed as carved in stone, and future employers can no doubt search and will find Joey’s little film on the Internet. The video is clear evidence of his lack of maturity, lack of conflict resolution skills, and his complete self-absorption. Unfortunately, Joey is not the only employee to quit a job and then post it on the Internet for the world to see. What’s next with employees and social media? I can’t wait to see.