As the New Year dawns, it is the perfect opportunity to do a check-up of your current business practices and determine if any changes are in order. Everyone needs a check-up every now and then, and this includes your business. A business check-up will help you reach your 2010 goals to increase revenues and productivity.

Some things you should review and questions to ask:

Employee handbook or policy manual – Are all policies current? Do your actual business practices follow these policies or do they conflict? Do you need to add any new policies?
Rental leases – Is everyone living up to the lease? Is an extension in order?
Business contracts – Are there any changes needed in any vendor or supplier contracts?
Insurance policies – Is your insurance coverage adequate to protect your business?
Marketing practices – Did each effort bring in new business as expected? Why did you choose certain marketing options, was it to stay in front of clients or to try to get your name out to new clients? Do you feel your efforts were successful?
Membership in Associations – Does this membership serve your business plan?
Office technology – Do you have a replacement schedule? Do you need to upgrade or replace any office furniture or technology?

Often businesses can get stuck in a rut. There is no better time to kick start new ideas or to stop wasting time and money than the start of a new year. Take the time to do a check-up on your business practices and kick-start 2010.