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Lawsuit Permitted on Negligent Retention of an Employee

Posted in At-Will Employees, Business Practices, Employee Misconduct, Hiring Practices
Earlier this year the Court of Appeals overturned the district court’s dismissal of a case regarding the negligent retention of an employee.  In Hartfiel v. Allison, unpublished Court File # A15-1149 (Minn. Ct. App. 2016) Mr. Hartfiel, the plaintiff, drove truck for T.J. Potter Trucking Inc. as an independent owner-operator.  Mr. Allison drove truck for… Continue Reading

Employer Toolbox: How to Draft a Disciplinary Letter?

Posted in Business Practices, Employee Discipline, Employee Misconduct, Good business practices
smaller Tool_box_icon-01.svg (1)I had a call from a client last week asking about whether there was a good format to use for drafting a disciplinary letter to give to an employee.  I advised her there was and suggested the following format: Start with an accurate statement of the facts including: what happened, when it happened, etc… Make… Continue Reading

Employee Misconduct Is Not Always Easy To Detect

Posted in Employee Misconduct
There are many different types of employee misconduct from insubordination to abuse of sick leave. Some employee misconduct is obvious. Insubordination is easy to uncover, because it doesn’t involve deceit, it involves an employee intentionally disobeying a superior. Earlier this year, Britain’s Home Office UK Border Agency fired an immigration officer who used his security… Continue Reading